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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Update - Nothing New!

Nothing new to report...just waiting. I took Jenni's advice and wrote both my Senators. Both websites had this lengthy form that you could fill out and mail in about resolving issues with government agencies. I didn't really think this applied (yet), so I just emailed them both. I simply explained that my dossier was done except my I-171H and that with the Ethiopian courts closing on Aug 5th (new update from CHI) and not re-opening until Octoberish that it would be nice to have everything done. I requested that they see if they could do anything to expedite the form or at least check the status and get an update on timeframe. I'm hoping that since I emailed them, the form will magically appear before I hear back (yeah, yeah, wishful thinking!!).

I took 2 days of computer classes this week and spent all day today on the cardiac unit orienting so that I can precept the new grads starting next week. It was very interesting to be on a daylight schedule. I have not seen Leno once this week (withdrawal!) and have not stayed up past 10pm...that's usually when I start the laundry and housework. It has actually been very nice to be up with the sun and I can't wait until after the baby gets here and I have to switch to daylight. I have always loved nights because of the autonomy you have with less staff around (and I've always been a night owl!) but I definitely can feel the benefits of being on days. I'm sleeping better--I think this is the first time in a longtime that I've slept 8 solid hours without waking (of course, a baby will change all that) and I'm eating better. Actually had three meals a day the last three days instead of one dinner, one midnight "dinner," and lots of snacks. I plan to stay on nights until maternity leave so I can make more money, but I will welcome the days more than I thought.

With that being said...I'm going to fold the laundry, take a hot bath, and go to bed!