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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, November 26, 2010

Weeks 46 & 47 of 52

Week 46 of 52
2010: 11/12
I bumped Mari up to the 2nd level on the LeapFrog ClickStart. She had so much more fun on it...I honestly think it's easier for her because it involves more keyboard and less mouse - the mouse on this computer is the pits. She does much better with using actual keys.
2010: 11/14
Mari was invited to a birthday party where they all got dressed up in fancy clothes and got makeup and nail polish, etc. This is her diva 'tude that she was doing so well when it was time to leave.
2010: 11/14
Someone can write their name. All by herself!

2010: 11/15
2010: 11/16
Have no clue what she was upset about but she was definitely not in a good mood!
2010: 11/17
Mini pumpkin pies for Mari's Thanksgiving party
2010: 11/18
It's no secret that Mari's very "spirited." One of the hardest things for her is to sit still even long enough to eat. Sitting still for anything is the only complaint I ever hear from her teachers. I've heard of using exercise balls for chairs before but it wasn't until I read an article in the newspaper about Mari's future elementary school being a pilot program for this that I decided to give it a try at home. Happy to say that Mari did not get up once during a 45 minute dinner. We're gonna keep this experiment going for as long as it works!
Week 47 of 52
2010: 11/19
Best $1 I ever spent - 8 pack of Christmas suncatchers at the dollar store. Kept her busy for over an hour - she was very serious about her work!
2010: 11/20
Any guesses what that look on her face means?
One piece of advice - always follow her to see what she's up to when she's got this look!
2010: 11/21
Cousin Madi came over to play and both girls immediately demanded to be fed macaroni & cheese. Whatever it takes to keep the 3-yr-olds happy!
2010: 11/22
Gave Mari's hair a wash - no good way to keep the yarn braids dry so I wrapped her head in a dishtowel and added a sleep cap for bed.
2010: 11/23
Mari decided to pile her toys up on the ever-tolerant Mickey. Found it comical that Lulu the Furreal cat looked like she was tackling Mickey.
2010: 11/24
First time Mari's ever had a piping bag in her hand. She did pretty well with it, no major messes. We made handprint turkey cookies.
2010: 11/25
Happy Thanksgiving!
Mari is getting very adept at helping in the kitchen. She loves making pumpkin pies...too bad she won't eat them!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weeks 44 & 45 of 52

Week 44 of 52
2010: 10/29
Almost done with the yarn braids....I promise a full post on them soon.
2010: 10/30
Trunk-or-Treat with Cousin Madi the Butterfly
2010: 10/31
Happy Halloween
Super Amari and her Super Amari-Mobile
2010: 11/01
Such a sweet, innocent face.
2010: 11/02
Mari was helping me organize the hair bands by colors. She did a great job sorting them and then we put them on a shower curtain ring to keep them contained.
2010: 11/03
Mari thought the cat looked cold.
2010: 11/04
Mari's yarn braids parted in the middle and then did a flat twist half-way back.

Week 45 of 52

2010: 11/05

Just another hair pic...holding up well and loving the yarn extensions.
2010: 11/06
I would like to thank Grandma for the box of 1000 craft sticks.
2010: 11/07
Mari paints "My Mommy"
2010: 11/08
2010: 11/09
Proudly displaying her lion cutting project. She was upset when some of the kids in her class teased her that she couldn't cut yet. So we've been practicing with the help of a great book called "I Can Cut."
2010: 11/10
Falling asleep while reading. That's my girl!
2010: 11/11
Putting on a stage show with Kai-Lan

Sunday, November 7, 2010

When the cashier can't move fast enough....

Just trying to document some of the more embarrassing delightful conversations my child has.

Yesterday in Food Lion, in checkout line. Our items already on conveyor belt, young gentleman in line behind us buying a flat of sports drinks.

Amari: Is that a boy or a girl, Mommy? (this question comes up alot and I feel sick every time, luckily, this one was easy to answer - not always the case)
Me: He's a boy.

A: What's he doing?
M: Well, he's buying stuff just like we are.

A: What's he buying?
M: Well, it looks like he's buying some drinks.

A: Is he thirsty? (at this point, the man starts chuckling)
M: I guess so.

A: But he's not hungry?
M: I don't know, he probably has food at home, he just needed some drink.

A: Oh. Doesn't he like Coke?
M: Not everyone drinks Coke like Mommy, some people drink other stuff.

A: Why is he standing there?
M: He's waiting his turn, Mari.

A: Why is he looking at me, Mommy? (at this point, the man about loses his battle with controlling his laughter)
M: He's looking at you because you are talking about him. It's not polite to talk about people so he has every right to look at you.

A: Well, it's not polite to stare at people, either.

Just Think Happy Thoughts

Mari insisted tonight that she wasn't sleepy enough for bedtime, so I told her to lay in bed and think happy thoughts. She asked me what happy thoughts were so I started singing Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens we started a question and answer session.

Me: Well, what do you like to do?
Amari: Play with Mommy.

M: I like to play with you, too. What else do you like to do?
A: Play basketball with my friends. (She's never played basketball in her life!)

M: Who's your favorite friend to play with?
A: Lydia.

M: Who is your favorite friend outside of school to play with?
A: I'm not telling, you have to guess....She starts with an A and she has black hair and her best friend is Mommy.
M: That sounds like YOU!
A: (giggle, giggle) It is ME!

M: You're a nut. What is your favorite food?
A: Pancakes, of course.
M: Oh, yeah.
A: With butter and lots of syrup.

M: What is your favorite treat?
A: Blue candy bars. (blue wrappers - specifically Crunch)

M: What's your favorite thing to watch on TV?
A: I'm not telling....It's a secret, maybe tomorrow.
M: I think it's Imagination Movers.
A: MOMMMY! It's supposed to be a secret and it's NOT Imagination Movers. It's Cookie Monster. (Yeah, she refuses to watch Sesame Street)

M: So what's your favorite book to read?
A: I'm not talking about that right now. It makes me sad. (She got her book-reading privileges taken away tonight for disobeying at bathtime)

M: What was your favorite Halloween costume?
A: Batman. He's my favorite.

M: Well, what's your favorite color?
A: Red and blue and green.
M: Those are good colors.
A: And yellow and purple and pink.
M: Well, that about covers it.
A: And brown and black and white.
M: I think you've hit them all.
A: Actually, it's orange. My favorite color is orange. Can I wear my pumpkin shirt to school tomorrow?

M: Good night, Mari. I think you have plenty of happy thoughts to help you get to sleep.
A: Mommy, what's a happy thought?