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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 31, 2010

Week 52 of 52 !!!!!!!!!!!

Final week of the year!! I finished!!!! Woohoo!!!!

Week 52 of 52
2010: 12/24
Putting out gingerbread cookies for Santa. Mari was very much into the whole "Santa" thing this year. It was very magical.
2010: 12/25
Merry Christmas!
Mari asked Santa for an Iron Man mask.
She believes....
2010: 12/26
ZhuZhu pets are really popular with all members of the household!
2010: 12/27
This is pretty much what Mari wants to do every waking hour...she loves her Leapster Explorer. Unfortunately, she has had it taken away until her behavior improves.
2010: 12/28
In case you were wondering if that brownie pan advertised on TV works (the one that makes perfectly cut brownies straight out of the pan) works AWESOMELY!!
2010: 12/29
Hoping next year Mari will get a few more stuffed animals for Christmas, we don't seem to have enough!
2010: 12/30
Mickey has taken over the brownies.
2010: 12/31
The last day of the year. Turned out to be a nice one, weather-wise for us. We had a very pleasant time playing outside and getting some fresh air.
Done. Done. Done. Had fun but I miss regular blogging. Back to normal now.
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weeks 48, 49, 50, & 51 (*GASP*)

Yes, I'm cramming 4 weeks into 1 post. Get over it! Trying to finish up the year - just one more week to go. I'll be glad when this project is over. While it's been fun, it has definitely hampered my motivation for writing real blog posts. I still owe you several real ones. Soon, I promise. I promise!

Week 48 of 52
2010: 11/26
Well, duh! The day after Thanksgiving - of course we put up the tree.
2010: 11/27
This was a hard decision between two pix.
Today Mari went to see her first movie in a theater (Tangled - LOVED it!) as part of a birthday party. I have a cute picture of her and her buddy wearing their 3D glasses. But I decided on this picture. Mari almost wouldn't go into the theater when she realized Santa was set up in the lobby. The birthday party was in a glassed-in room off the lobby, so she got to watch Santa interact with other kids and even got the courage to go up to him several times to talk at a distance. He was really patient and played it cool. By the time the movie was over, she was brave enough to go sit on his lap and ask him for an Iron Man mask. I love that she overcame her own fear and that the party/movie presented us with an opportunity to do this on her own terms.
2010: 11/28
Been having trouble with Mari waking up wide awake in the middle of the night. So I moved her bookcase and lamp close to her bed. She's now allowed to turn on the light and read in the middle of the night if she can't sleep. (It worked, she's not woken up to read yet!)
2010: 11/29
Think I've mentioned that I've had mouse problems. Mickey actually caught one. EEEK! This is him "coming down" off his adrenaline high!
2010: 11/30
Sammy cat loves being under the tree...unfortunately, he needs his nails trimmed.
2010: 12/01
When I put on my ribbon for World AIDS day, Mari insisted she needed one too. I told her if she was going to wear the ribbon, she had to know why. Her version = "my ribbon is to remember there are lots of sick kids and we don't want them to be sick anymore."
2010: 12/02
Mari's homework is getting harder. She is a rock star and amazes me every single day.
Week 49 of 52

2010: 12/03
Mari loves her Advent calendar!
2010: 12/04
Mari outgrew her baby blanket that she's taken to school for almost 3 years. When I told her we needed to replace it, she had an all-out meltdown. Her mood changed quickly when I told her she could pick the fabric for both the blanket and a new pillowcase. I'm very proud of my pillowcase - I did it totally just on a whim and even made a ruffle.
2010: 12/05
First snow of the season! I was down with strep throat but I got Mari dressed so she could play outside for a few minutes (I stayed inside and took pix from the door). You would have thought it snowed 2 feet from the way she acted.
2010: 12/06
Do you know how long it takes to wrap a present using little safety scissors and a 3-yr-old's help?
2010: 12/07
Mari wanted her hair done like Minnie Mouse.
I think we succeeded!
2010: 12/08
Mickey has taken to sleeping in Mari's room. She won't let him in her bed but she loves having him in there with her.
2010: 12/09
Mari has apparently taken note of me using a cold cloth on my head for headaches. She declared this morning that she had a headache and grabbed a wad of toilet paper for her aching head.
Week 50 of 51

2010: 12/10
Inside joke - got a pair of purple glasses in my stocking at work.
2010: 12/11
My Christmas gifts to Mari and my nieces...made the vests with personalized patches from Etsy, added patches to the hats, made bandanas, stick horses, and I landed a Christmas miracle by finding boots on clearance in all their sizes!
2010: 12/12
Making gingerbread cookies
2010: 12/13
Our annual Christmas card pose (except I never got around to doing cards!)
Wearing the red dress, sparkly shoes, and headband she was supposed to wear in her school play.
2010: 12/14
We had a lot of fun with our stockings at work this year. Unfortunately, I was naughty.
2010: 12/15
Mari's ornament for this year
2010: 12/16
Had an unexpected snow day, so we visited our neighbors. I love this pic with the snowball mid-flight!
Week 51 of 52

2010: 12/17
"Helping" me with the laundry
2010: 12/18
Mari and Madi - these two crack me up!
2010: 12/19
"Do not be afraid" - I don't think the angel counted on a 3-year-old playing "parade" with the nativity characters.
2010: 12/20
Mari wanted me to take a picture with her and Mickey (the world's most tolerant cat ever!)
2010: 12/21
Mari wearing her headband from her school play (which got cancelled cause so many kids were out sick)
2010 2008: 12/22
No picture from this day, so I'll give you a flashback from 2 years ago.
2010: 12/23
Daycare was closed but I had to work, so Mari got to spend the morning with friends and the afternoon with Grandma. No nap, lots of play, Mommy late picking her up.....fell asleep with a marshmallow in her hand.........
Coming week with Christmas pix, end of the year video. Following soon after....Christmas post, Family Day, and catchup!