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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week 37 of 52

We absolutely loved our beach vacation and I'll do a separate post (sometime) all about it with more pix and details. Something just so relaxing about the beach. Loved it! And loved that my mom was able to come definitely takes some of the edge off to have an extra set of eyes and hands.

2010: 09/10
There is a really great story to this picture and I only wish I had it on video. Grandma decided she wanted to fill our 5 gallon bucket with water....having just assisted Mari with filling her little one, I knew that catching a wave caused a sudden, swift filling of a heavy bucket. I guess Grandma didn't realize this. When she bent down to catch the wave and fill the bucket, it pulled her over and into the water. Killed the cell phone in her pocket, soaked her, and provided me with a whole lot of laughter and ammo for teasing.
2010: 09/11
Happy New Year - Melkam Addis Amet
I wish that we could spend every Ethiopian New Year at the beach but I guess school will interfere with that in a couple of years. We had such a great time and Mari was so well-behaved. It helps to basically have no agenda and nowhere you need to be.
2010: 09/12
We really didn't want to leave the beach. So I guess it was only fitting to wake up to gray, rainy skies as we prepared to leave.
2010: 09/13
Mari LOVES the Nickelodeon Mega Music Fest special that was on recently...I DVRed it and we have watched it so much that she can recite the dialogue in between the songs (she is SO cute saying "hosted by Jon Leguizamo"). This is her face watching never get old or dull for her!
2010: 09/14
Mari's newest obsession - the LiteBrite her grandparents got her for her birthday 6 months ago. She does amazingly well with putting the right colored pegs in the right places (R=red, Y=yellow, etc) but she has a little trouble with the actual dexterity of it. We are in the bathroom cause it's the only room dark enough to light it up (sorry! we don't do the picture in the bathroom, just take it in there to look at it!)
2010: 09/15
Mari had a really rough evening this night and pretty much cried herself to sleep. I went to check on her when I heard her settle down and found she had grabbed her baby picture off the bookshelf....she tends to cling to "baby" stuff when she's feeling out of sorts.
2010: 09/16
Mari's drawing of a bird on a nest of eggs....
Considering about 2 months ago I couldn't get her to draw a smiley face, I think she's doing pretty awesome!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 36 of 52

I'm way far behind on blogging....oh well. Get over it! We've had some trials, we've had a vacation, we've had some transitions....just didn't make blogging a priority. Sorry. I'm going to try to play catchup.

2010: 09/03
Ahhh....lovely crusty cough.
2010: 09/04
Mickey decided he wanted to play with Mari's toys.
2010: 09/05
Such a cutie pie.
2010: 09/06
What a clown!
2010: 09/07
It took us a long time to get down to just one more day until BEACH!!
2010: 09/08
Mari counting her good behavior coins and cashing them in for beach money. 1 coin=25 cents. She had $10 to take to the beach!
2010: 09/09
No caption necessary.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Week 35 of 52

Can't believe we are into September and I'm still doing this. Wow! Ugh! It was another exciting week in our house (hahaha!). So, here ya go!
2010: 08/27
One leg out to cool off...those legs are getting so much longer lately.
2010: 08/28
Made a bunch of cookie dough logs to freeze.
And no, I did not take one out of the freezer and eat some of it raw...I would never do that. Ha!

2010: 08/29
Little Miss Abigail's second birthday party!!
Adorable in her ponytails!

2010: 08/30
Mari and Madi both got picked up by Grandma in the evening.
Here, they try to contain their excitement!
(They really were excited - they are just zoned out on TV in this picture)

2010: 08/31
Waiting on ice cream to become ice cream....yum!

2010: 09/01

Mr. Potato Head Party. Sorry if you weren't invited.

2010: 09/02

Elmo got evicted from Mari's bed for being too noisy (his push bottom in his hand is way too sensitive and he would talk everytime Mari moved at night).

So Mari decided Zoe needed to keep Elmo company.

And then she decided they both would be more "company" (comfy) with Raffey.
So sweet!

That's another week done! Hope your's was a good one!