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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Obligatory Christmas Post!

We had a great Christmas, preceded by a record snowfall the week before - our first white Christmas in forever. Mari was very into Christmas this year and totally understood the "naughty vs. nice" list. The only thing she asked for were maracas - easy to oblige - and still her favorite present, although her art desk/easel is a close second. We had a wonderful Christmas and we still have one more small night of Christmas to go (tonight) with the rest of the family.

Enjoy our Christmas video.

Come back soon for more is the 2 year anniversary of when I left for Ethiopia. Mari's Adoption Day is Saturday, so I'll be posting the annual tear-jerking video (if I can get it done!).

Sunday, December 20, 2009

I would post but we're a little busy.....

Future Olympic Bobsledder!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Love Affair

  • Before I knew what a "lovey" was....
  • Before I knew what how effective a transitional object could be in helping with attachment....
  • Before I even met my daughter....
I met this little guy.
I thought he was a cute, soft, easily packable toy. A gift from my friend/coworker Pam, I planned to take the small giraffe lovey to Ethiopia with me. It fit the criteria of small, soft, quiet, comforting...exactly the kind of non-overwhelming toy that was suggested you take to a baby that has lived their life in an understimulating environment.

Little did I know what would happen.......
The first night....yes, the FIRST night, Mari fell in love with this little guy. It probably had something to do with the fleece blanket that lined her bed at the transition home, the one she sucked on to go to sleep. Which explains why she still, to this day, sucks on fleece to soothe herself.

This is her second night with Raffey
And flying home, to her forever home....with Raffey

Settling in at home....with Raffey

Chilling with Raffey

Falling asleep anywhere with Raffey

Yes, Raffey is green now. We have moved up to a total of 4 Raffeys - 3 green, 1 yellow (which is now in her memory box)

In all kinds of fun sleeping positions

Like I said....anywhere


We never leave home without Raffey

Even when naptime is unwelcome, Raffey is there

Raffey keeps me company in hotel rooms in St. Louis

And lays beside me when I'm down for the count

Raffey even likes to snuggle with Granddad

Raffey goes to school with me

And makes a great blanket

And makes me take a nap on Christmas Day even though I wanted to play more

Raffey is always with me, even when I'm a squiggle worm

And he always comes first when I have new friends to sleep with

Raffey helped me when I got tubes in my ears

And helps me get through really long hair sessions

Sometimes it takes more than one Raffey to do the trick!

And when I had pneumonia, Raffey never left my arms

Even a diva needs Raffey

And this is how Raffey helps me when I'm stressed

Barney is great....but he's not Raffey

Raffey loves to play games and always gets my jokes

He understands bad hair days nights

And helps me go to sleep in a strange hotel room when I am dying to just play on the beach outside my window

Raffey helps me with my breathing treatments

But most of all....Raffey is my BEST friend!!!