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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Week in Review.

Just a quick post...then I have to get to bed. The real world awaits in the morning. So to wrap up a long week at my new job, overall it went well. I was pretty overwhelmed Monday but things went uphill from there. My coworkers (my "team") gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers on Tuesday and everyone has been so nice and helpful. I guess I haven’t really explained what my new job is and, truthfully, I’m not really sure myself! I am now "plant nurse" at a large factory that specializes in spinning synthetic fibers. There are lots of hazardous materials and toxic chemicals around that I’ve had to learn about, as well as all the fun stuff that comes with working in an occupational health field (worker’s comp., hearing testing, respirators, etc.). Add in that I’m in "management," and that threw in a lot more training and stuff about proprietary info and trade secrets, etc. All stuff I know nothing about and couldn’t tell you if I did! The corporate world is very different from the hospital.

My job description is somewhat fluid. The nurse that I’m replacing (she’s retiring) actually specialized in some of the other aspects of the plant and only assumed the nursing role after the previous one left, so she really didn’t do a lot of the medical stuff. The medical stuff has been handled by the physician’s assistant that is there but his specialty is also elsewhere and they want him back in his other role more. So I’ve basically been given the green light to take over the medical end of stuff and make the clinic my own. The clinic is 3 rooms (not including offices and hearing room, respirator room, etc) that were built in the good old days. Very antiquated but definitely workable. I’ve started going through everything and will start rearranging to my liking and revamping after I get my feet wet and learn more what is necessary. The only "real" nursing I got to do this week was irrigate some ears (which they were all excited about because they usually send these to the employee’s doc to do). Very far cry from the ER! But the hours are great. I get to pick Mari up from daycare about 5 and we go home and eat dinner and play, then bath and bed....just like it’s supposed to work!

As for Mari...she actually had some difficulty with daycare. Her first day was fine but Tuesday and Wednesday were rough. I was surprised because she never cried before at daycare but she’s had a LOT of changes lately. Thursday they peeled her out of my arms (she even held on with her legs) and Friday she did better but still cried. Overall, though she is doing great. Every time I pick her up, someone is playing with her or helping her walk around the room, they are VERY interactive with the kids. She was walking Friday when I got there and she ran into my arms, hugged me and then waved and said "bye-bye" to her caregiver. Too cute!

She totally forgot how to crawl this weekend. I’m not sure she spent more than about 15 minutes on the ground. She LOVES walking and she can move fast! Good thing her diaper provides a cushion! She also decided she wanted to feed herself, so we started with a spoon and spork. I learned the messy way to just remove the shirt when using a spoon for the first time! She is talking like crazy and can now tell you that the "doddy" (dog) says "wuff-wuff." She sings "ro, ro, ro, bo" (Row, Row, Row your boat)–we sing this ALL the way to daycare in the mornings. AUGH!!!

On to pix.

My pretty flowers!

Spoon and Spork!


My SIL Diana's baby shower was Saturday. It was an English tea party at a local tea room. Diana didn't want her picture everywhere so here is a picture of the lovely treats we had. Just a little longer for the newest member of the family!

This is what a long day ends up to be. A new babysitter for a few hours. A couple hours walking around the grandparent's house. Zzzzz!

Feeding the doggie Cheerios! Watch her drop the Cheerio, pick it up and put it in her mouth and then give it back to the dog. I guess it could be worse, it could go from the dog's mouth to hers.

Walking. Not the best example...she gets a little excited and goes splat! But the way she walks (like Frankenstein) is so cute. Notice that she does not let go of the Cheerios even when she falls and smacks her face (she wasn't hurt!).

Look for a new post on Wednesday. It will be the six-month anniversary of our "Forever Day" (I saw that used on another blog and I like it better than "gotcha" although I still use "gotcha" most of the time, it makes more sense to the "outside" world). Anyway, I have something special planned for that day.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Long time, no post.

Sorry for the long time between posts. Mari and I have been enjoying a couple of weeks of just "Mommy & Mari time." It has been very pleasant and my little girl is absolutely blossoming. She is quickly becoming a comedian (and the bigger the audience, the more silly she gets). She can fake cry, laugh, sneeze, cough, and now we have added fake "oh" for surprises. While her talking has increased exponentially, the amount you can actually understand has not changed...she is in a constant state of babble but still with the same amount of actual words as before. She is using words more appropriately now...when I ask her if it is time to leave or time to go somewhere, she will say "bye-bye." She looks at the dog and says "wuf-wuf" even though she still calls him a "kit-cat." And the cutest thing is that she seems to know that her socks and shoes go on her feet because she grabs the socks away from me and sticks them on the bottom of her foot. When you put her shoes on, she says "bye-bye."

Walking is getting much better. I noticed a huge difference just today (maybe because I was away from her all day). She was getting better about taking off and was making it farther and farther as long as she was distracted. If she realized she was walking, she would fall down or cheer so much that she knocked herself off balance. Tonight she was taking off purposefully and even trying to turn a little. She had a great day at her new daycare center today (I LOVE it, at least so far). She even had pizza for lunch...okay, whatever.

Started my new job today. VERY different world than what I’ve been used to. I very definitely will miss the clinical aspects of nursing and this new field will take some getting used to. I left today with a monsterous headache (not used to that much screen time) and sore feet (new shoes and lot of walking) and soaking wet (freak rain storm while walking to my car). But dinner, caffeine, ibuprofen, and Mari snuggles made everything better. So, it’s going to be awhile before I am even close to understanding half of my job–not a position I’ve been in for a LONG time. But my new coworkers are super nice and supportive and I have to admit, the hours are awesome. I even have next Friday (July 4th off, paid!!!!!!).

Well, on to some pix.

Play date with little Cooper.
The view outside my front door. I never get tired of it.

Hmm...Lesa, do you think Mari will get good driver points from State Farm?

Probably not if she drives this sleepy.

Or if she drinks and drives. (No, she did not drink any Coke...give me a little credit people!)

Mmmm. Mommy's spaghetti is so much better than that jar stuff.

Hair photos...finger curls.

Ponytails and natural curls.

This video I'm calling "Mama kisses." It's the best.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's hot and Mari's walking!!! (Long post)

We’ve had a wild and crazy weekend here in the land of Mari. I had my last day at work on was a pleasant day, lots of cake and not too many patients–a nice combination. I’m going to miss everyone terribly and it was very weird leaving there...the ER is definitely one place where life goes on without you.

When I arrived home, my cousin Juli had arrived from KY with her son Brendan, now 4 years old. My Aunt Phyllis also came along and I got to visit with her for awhile before she zoomed off to stay with my parents. The company was a much needed distraction and, let me just say, a 4-year-old will make you forget everything else. From sneaking tootsie rolls in bed to chasing the animals, he never stopped! Mari had a blast! And, thanks to some AC problems, my brother Chad and SIL Lesa spent quite a bit of time at my house this weekend with my niece Madi. The heat index was well over 100 for the entire weekend and their house was trying to match the outside temperature. So we had a massive slumber party. The kids had fun together but I think the adults had more fun after the wee ones were asleep. We had a rip-roaring game of Cranium; it has been a long time since we sat down to play games because one or more of us is usually cutting out early to get the kids to bed...the solution, a sleepover!

The interaction seems to have spurred Mari into developmental overdrive. This weekend she suddenly decided that she could just stand up in the middle of the living room without any help. And today....SHE WALKED!!! She took a step and sat down, stood up and took 3 steps and then face planted in front of me. We practiced lots and lots and made it up to 5 steps...exhausting work! She is also blowing kisses to everyone and today she learned to kiss on the face. So now, she crawls over and smacks a slobber on cute. Lots of new words and sounds...she loves saying vrrooom with her cars and has added a sort-of buzzzzz sound (she has a bee toy that we buzz). Tonight the dog was barking outside and she grinned and said "uf-uf." Close enough!! Crazy cute...I’m LOVING every minute of this age.

On to some pix (and video!).

Cousin Madi turned 1 year old on Tuesday the 3rd. Happy Birthday! She had a party last weekend, so here are some pix. Mari dressed for a party but hiding under the table...go figure that one out!

Playing together before cake time!

Yum, Yum, Yum.

"I'm ONE!"

"Hey, can I have some?"

"Okay, that's better. A cupcake all my own!"

Styling in some cool clothes.

Madi's first try at swimming in Mari's purple-pink-plaid-three-ring-inflatable pool (from Target--who else would sell a purple-pink plaid pool?). Not so sure she likes it. "Mommy, pick me up!"

A little better in Aunt Jill's lap, but not really feeling the swimming thing yet.

The crazy clan. Mari, Brendan, and Madi. Don't let this picture fool was snapped quickly and the next second, there were tears and nose-dives.

Cleaning out the toys so I can play in the cabinet.

Our favorite toy. Stick the balls in the giraffe's mouth, he sings songs and the balls swirl down and pop out the legs. Mari has gotten so good at it, she decided that she should branch out and use more toys. I actually had to do a toy-ectomy on the poor giraffe. Weebles just don't digest well!

This is what a day of learning to walk does to you!
Mommy was nice enough to pick me up off the floor but I wasn't ready to get up--she didn't mind too much!

Videos!!!! (No one was hurt in the making of these videos...even though the first one cuts off with Mari laying one the floor, she laughed it off. But I cut off the camera to pick her up so it doesn't show that she really is me, we've had a lot worse tumbles!)