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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weeks 27 & 28 of 52

Doing 2 weeks at a time again cause I've been too lazy busy to post. So here goes - in backwards order, most recent to oldest!

Week 28 of 52
2010: 07/15
Mari modelling her new beach coverup - it's going to be a long couple of months until we hit the beach.
2010: 07/14
When I picked Mari up from school, they were involved in a very serious game of Duck, Duck, Goose. The only way I could convince her to leave was to promise to play it at home.
(Just so you know - Elmo cheats!)
2010: 07/13
Mari helped make made a casserole for dinner - Popover Pizza.
I love how seriously she takes this job. She is becoming very adept at helping in the kitchen and is a stickler for the handwashing after eggs!!
2010: 07/12
My little Gilligan.

2010: 07/11
We did a spur-of-the-moment trip to our "local" zoo. It's a little bit of a sad zoo but they are pretty laid-back about you feeding the long as you feed them the food they provide. I've never been this close to a giraffe. It was awe-inspiring, breath-taking. I wasn't tall enough to feed this giraffe but I was standing right under him as some taller people were feeding him (or her?). We also got to ride an elephant and feed lots of other animals. Mari's favorite animals were the goats, go figure!
2010: 07/10
Another day of swim class (sorry for the pic quality). There were only 2 in Mari's class this day, so they got to "swim" to the deep end!!
2010: 07/09
Madi and Mari experiencing their first air-popped popcorn.
Week 27 of 52

2010: 07/08
Mari's first taste of Smores....she declared them finger-licking good.
2010: 07/07
Weird choice of pix, I know. Mari is getting quite adept at working the camera - she even took several pix of me at the zoo and they turned out pretty good! Anyway, this was one I found on the camera after she had been taking pix of "some of her stuff."
2010: 07/06
Found a good deal on some Story Reader books that I couldn't pass up. Luckily, when I went to Wal-Mart to buy the actual Story Reader, it was on Clearance!! So I got the Story Reader (with a book) plus 6 more books for less than $20. Mari LOVES her Story Reader. They are pretty knows what page you are on and tells you when to turn the page as it reads the story to you.
2010: 07/05
After a weekend filled with cookouts, family, sleep-over friends, fireworks, pools, swingsets, sprinklers, baseball, late nights, short naps, parades, junk food.....well, someone just couldn't even wait until lunch to take a 2+ hour nap on Monday.
2010: 07/04
Happy July 4th. We celebrated with a cookout at my house. Mari is attempting to learn a little t-ball. Let's just hope she doesn't have big dreams in this area!
2010: 07/03
Madi, Cousin Brendan, and Mari getting ready for the 4th of July parade. It was Mari and Brendan's first parades!! They were very excited.
2010: 07/02
Introducing Mari to one of the fine cuisines of the world. Ramen noodles. She slurped them like she'd eaten them a hundred times. Guess she's ready for college now!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Weeks 25 & 26 of 52 a little behind. It's been busy busy busy around here. Lots going on. Unfortunately, there are a few "fill" pix in this two-week batch. I've been taking lots of video lately so sometimes I forget to take a still shot of the day. If I miss a day, I try to remember what we were doing and take a pic of something to represent that day....this time I figured I'd give you some pet pix. After all, they are in our lives every day. They need their screen time!

Week 26 of 52
(can you believe the year is half over?????)
2010: 07/01
In anticipation of a weekend of fun, Mari and Madi were given the task of cleaning the pool. I don't think they enjoyed standing in ankle deep, cold, soapy water as much as usual.
2010: 06/30
2010: 06/29
There was a little girl who had a little curl......
2010: 06/28
A beautiful sunset....could NOT capture the colors well.
2010: 06/27
Mari loves trying on my glasses.
Sassy girl.
2010: 06/26
2nd day of solo swim lessons. She rocked it again.
2010: 06/25
Bubble bath with a duck. Her original duck.
Week 25 of 52

2010: 06/24
Lovely picture, huh?
Head bump (no actual injury!)
Blue lips from post-trauma lollipop.
2010: 06/23
Mickey Mouse - age 8
Award for most tolerant cat around pre-schoolers.
Award for most annoying cat around sleeping adults.
2010: 06/22
Mari loves making "picnics" - this is a fairly light spread for her.
She uses her Ethiopian flag for a picnic blanket. I must get that hung up.
2010: 06/21
Sammy Cat, age 5.5
Award for fattest cat in the family - 22ish pounds
Award for sweetest, wheeziest purr.
2010: 06/20
Took advantage of some great natural light at the end of the evening for some close-ups.
2010: 06/19
Day #1 of solo swim lessons.
Given her recent history of not being able to handle a class activity (gymnastics), I was pretty worried.
She rocked it! She's just hesitant of the water enough that she listens and waits her turn.
2010: 06/18
Oliver, age 7
Award for the best food-snatcher.
Award for the most protective yapper in the neighborhood...don't even think about looking at our house!