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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Up, Up, and Away!!!

I was going to wait until morning to post but I doubt I'll be able to type by then. I am so nervous it is starting to be funny. You know I'm anxious when I can't eat! Hopefully the nerves will dissapate after we get going. We are leaving for Dulles at noon which will put us in DC around 2:30-3:00. Our plane doesn't leave until 8:40pm but Mom doesn't want to drive in the dark in rush hour on the DC beltway--can't blame her for that! So we will have time to kill in the airport...time to fret and feel sick and to calm down and to get freaked all over again several times. I think that once I'm actually in the airport checked in, I'll calm down and start to focus ahead. Kind of like the point of no return--hahaha!

I'm not really scared of flying itself or traveling...I just like to stay at home where things are familiar and easy. Get that from my Mom! My Dad, however, revels in the unknown and the unfamiliar--thank goodness he is going with me!

Oh well, thanks for all the well-wishes and prayers. Keep them coming! I'll try to post if possible from Addis. No promises, but will make every attempt.

My Mom reminded me today that this is the day I have dreamed of...but actually Wednesday is the day I've dreamed of. Tomorrow is the day I've had nightmares about!!!!

Have a happy New Year's and think of us up in the air!!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Getting Close

Time is running short...the ticker is about to explode!!

I am still very nervous but actually a little better than I thought. I always am better when I'm feeling in control and can micro-manage. Everything is about done with the exception of vacuuming and cleaning the counters (that will wait until late tomorrow night). I still have to get the cats ready but that will be Monday morning. The dog goes to Mom's on Monday but he is all packed. He just got his bath and I clipped his nails and brushed him...he is cute, white, and fluffy--this will last for about an hour! I also clipped the cats' nails...something they don't mind luckily.

I am totally packed except the last minute things like my camera and cell phone. I am itching to "re-pack" my bags because I'm sure I could have done a better job, but everything fits so I'm going to leave it alone. I think.

Not much else to say...just praying that the flights are smooth, the accommodations are taken care of, the paperwork goes well and that we can come home on time. Yeah, I know, I should be thinking about Mari and bonding and taking care of a baby but I'll dwell on that when I get there. I have to get past the travel part first--can only freak out about one thing at a time. Hahahaha!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas, Packing, Updates and other Stuff

So this post will probably be fairly long (but I'm putting in lots of pix!). If you missed the pictures I posted right before Christmas of sure to scroll down to that post because she is GORGEOUS!! The Fricks just got home and emailed me to say that my daughter is called the "American" baby because she is packing on the pounds. Hmmm...we will look alike in one respect anyway!

Notice the update to the blog...wanted it to be a little more girly and yellow is my favorite color.

Christmas was great this year, Mari and I got lots of wonderful presents.

This is the rocking giraffe that my brother Chad and his wife Lesa gave us. I nicknamed it "Ginger."
This outfit is from my brother Todd and his wife Diana (the bib is from Chad & Lesa - they didn't coordinate this but they go perfectly together)...I LOVE the colors in this. It is 18 months so she will probably be able to wear it shortly! Dad got me a shop vac--sorry no picture, it is still in its box...saving that until I get home. I used one a couple months ago after Todd helped me build up my attic and it was so much fun!

I got an unbelievable quilt that my Mom made. She actually made one for each of us kids that represented our childhood (the boys' weren't nearly as cool as mine!). The center square is a piece of Christmas fabric from a dress she made me when I was about 9 years old (it was a Victorian dress with puffed sleeves and big bow in the back--I still have it!), the squares around it are nurses, candy, paper dolls (I still have my collection), Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Care Bears, and Cabbage Patch Kids interspersed with the yellow and blue gingham that I love. (Good thing that all these items have made a come-back otherwise my quilt probably wouldn't have come out so cool). The back is flannel with little piggies--yet another collection I had as a kid. What an incredible gift--thanks MOM!

Here are some pix of the family during Christmas.

Me with my niece Madi watching my dog (who Madi thought was hilarious!).
Me with the hilarious Oliver who couldn't take the lack of attention anymore. Here are my parents together.
My brothers looking a little strange - but this is how they act all the time!
My sister-in-law Diana snuggling with our niece. Ahh!

Me and my sisters-in-law Lesa and Diana playing with the CandyLand game I got for Madi (she's a little young yet).

Todd getting upset that he is losing! And he did lose!

So Christmas was wonderful. But now down to the travel prep. Just 4 more days, I've nervous but almost ready. I'm packed (yes--I'm a nerd) except for a couple little last-minute additions. I did some repacking after the Fricks got home. Everyone keeps saying how the Ethiopian bundle up the kids so much that I hadn't packed ANYthing short-sleeved for Mari but Noelle said it does get quite warm in the afternoon. So that called for a couple additions. She also expressed a desperate need for cloth diapers, rubber pants, and kids meds. So I got 3 packs of cloth diapers (no more room!) and over 50 diaper pins but rubber pants are hard to find! I found 2 packs for 12 months...will look again tomorrow. Also some tylenol and motrin. I'm am almost out of room (can fit a couple little things in nooks and crannies) but I'm well under the poundage, so I'm in good shape. I am almost finished with the photo albums I'm taking (one for the HOH and one for Mari's mom), just need to add one more picture. I also finished printing off the mountain of paperwork I need (dossier copies, tax returns, itineraries, contact numbers) all in triplicates--one for carry on, one for each me and Dad to pack. Also printed off a lot of info for Mom to hold on to, as well as care sheets for all the pets...and on and on and on. I still have one more piece of paper to notarize because there was a spelling change I need to take care of.

So all that is left for the trip is my notebook (for writing notes to send to families waiting to travel--keeping a list of who wants to know what), my camera, my wallet, last minute things like pillow and hairbrush. I have to pack the dog up (after he gets a bath). I have to clean the house and un-decorate.

Mari's room is ready...I just need to take the beach towel off her crib and "pop" open the hamper when I get home (the cats like to play in it). I have blown up her cute little inflatable tub and need to rinse it out with baby soap. And I think that is really all.
I added a little detail to the entrance to her room. Making it official, Amari is coming home!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

NEW PIX!!!!!!

Isn't she the most adorable baby you've ever seen??? I can't wait!!!

Thank you SO much, Beth!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Email instructions and travel updates!


Here are the instructions for emailing straight to your blog. Thank you Denise for sharing this with me.

Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Settings. Click on email and choose the option that says email to blogger. Pick something to put in the blank and then that whole address is your "blog's email address." Just use your regular email to send your blog an email...the subject line will be the title of your post, upload pix by attaching them (they will show up first then your text) and the text is what you type in the body of your email. Just FYI, every time I tried from my yahoo email, I got this annoying yahoo tag line at the end of the post but this did not happen if I emailed from my google account. You can go in later and edit your post just like always. If anyone knows how to get rid of that yahoo tag line, let me know because I like my yahoo mail much better than gmail.


So on to travel updates. Plane tickets have been booked and confirmed. There was a small panic attack when our seat assignments said we were in seats A & C, meaning that we were separated (NO NO NO NO!!!) but Susan Parr assures me that on this plane there are no B seats, so Dad and I are together next to the window (perfect!!). Hopefully I will have the courage to actually look out the window!

There is a slight problem with the spelling of my daughter's name, just got the middle initial wrong--the travel agent assures me this is no problem but I'm checking with CHI tomorrow because I was told they had to be an exact match. Unfortunately, the travel agent says the only way to fix it is to cancel and re-issue the tickets but since there is a waiting list for tickets, I would automatically lose my seats as soon as we cancelled. So I may have to change this in the airport after we get to Addis.

We are on the same flight with the Kikstras and Denise and Troy. Check out their blogs so you know who we are traveling with; they are from a different agency so I don't know if we will see each other in Addis but it is nice to have flying companions. It doesn't look like the Reese's will be going with me...I am extremely sad about this because we have looked forward to travelling together since our referrals. Our daughters were in the orphanage together and we wanted to share this. Unfortunately a paperwork glitch may hold them up a week (still waiting on definite) but we may still overlap our trips. At least I'll get to meet the twins!

Flights....we leave Monday, December 31st at 8:30 pm from Dulles on Flight 501 and we will land in Addis at 7:40 pm (11:40 am our time) on January 1st. Returning....Tuesday, January 8th at 10:15 pm (2:15 pm our time) on flight 500 and will land in Dulles at 7:20 am on Wednesday. The flights are roughly 16-17 hours and we have a short landing in Rome but will not be getting off the plane.

Hotel....we are staying at the Hilton. Tsegay (CHI's Ethiopia Director) is making the arrangements in-country and is getting a great rate! Much better than trying to do it from here.

Packing....packing is well underway. Amari is packed (I think!) as are my donations and food. Now I just have to pack me. I still have the entire house to clean, the animals to get ready for the separation, and lots of errands to run. I tried to knock out a bunch of errands today but kept hitting roadblocks...the pharmacy did not have the malaria meds until tomorrow and they refused to give me Amari's antibiotic in powder form (I mix them multiple times a shift at work but they didn't care) so I have to call the pediatrician to see if they have a sample bottle (if you reconstitute it, it only lasts 10 days). I needed another passport photo and the photo place's machine was out of paper, so when I went back for them, they said it would be another hour (this happened last time I needed passport photos). So I have to re-do half my errands from today. Ugh! Add in the bank, the post office, a different pharmacy for Sam cat's med, dropping off a check at daycare to hold my spot...and I guess I'll be stopping at the gas station somewhere in there!

Wow, this is a long post. A lot happening! My last day of work is Saturday, so I'll really get down to business next week. Christmas is Tuesday (duh!) and I am ready. I'm taking the car seat to Mom & Dad's and my brother is going to help me install it!!! Check out the new blog for my niece Madison. Also keep in mind that my Dad is going with me to Ethiopia, so be sure to keep up with his blog too.

Okay, I'm sure there is more but my mind is all gobbly-gook! I'll write more soon!


testing my ability to email straight to my blog since blogspot is a pain in ethiopia

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Travel Plans and Amari Sightings!!

Travel Plans:

I'm still waiting on confirmation of my Embassy appt (set for Jan 3rd). Sharon said I should know definitely next week but that there should not be any problems with this date. So we are planning on flying out of Dulles the evening of December 31st and we will be home early morning Jan 9th, flying Ethiopian Air. I will get to spend Christmas at home with my family but I will get to spend Ethiopian Christmas (Jan 7) IN Ethiopia with my daughter!!! How cool is that?? Don't worry, I give everyone a blow-by-blow on celebrating in Ethiopia since there seems to be a lack of info on the subject. I will also get to spend New Years over the ocean (hopefully not IN the ocean!!!).

Also going at the same time, the Reese's (sorry--no blog!) who are adopting twin girls through my agency so we plan on spending a lot of time together. Our daughters are from the same orphanage and have been at the HOH (House of Hope) together since September. They are flying the 30th but will return on the same flight. The Kikstras are flying over and back on the same flights but are with a different agency, so hopefully we will get to see each other in between!

Amari Sightings:

So I have some updates on my little sweetie (and pix!). Beth is in Ethiopia right now meeting her little girl and she emailed me with an update. I loved on Roza this morning. Oh Jill she is absolutey beautiful. Beth says she weighs 7 kg now (which is 15.4 #) and wears size 12 months. I'm hoping this size is a little off (or maybe not US sizing) because all my 12 month clothes say 21+ pounds. So I'm taking 9 month clothes and praying they fit!! I'll take a few bigger items and I'm taking all the smaller ones (I'll just leave behind everything that doesn't fit).

The McConomy's came home last week and Michelle emailed me to tell me that Amari Roza is the Gerber baby of Ethiopia. Ahhhhh!!!

When Sharon called me about my court date on Tuesday, she said that Tsegay said my daughter is "strong." She thinks he means that she is doing well and seems to avoid all the little viruses that have swept through the HOH (just like anywhere you find lots of kids in one place). Apparently she is very healthy!! Good News!!

Mumblerrr sent me pictures they took while they were there at Thanksgiving!! So scroll on down for some pix. But be forewarned...the baby you are about to see has grown!!!! She now has squeezable cheeks and no hair!! I think maybe they shaved it?? She is still adorable and check out those eyes!!!

Beth promised some pix that she will email me when she gets home, so maybe more coming next week!!! Yea!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Moment has come..............


Amari Roza Catlett

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is all around...

Well try #3 for court is tomorrow (today as it is already 6am in Ethiopia). Hopefully this time tomorrow you will be looking at sweet Amari's face, but I'm not holding my breath!

In the meantime, more pix.

Made cookies yesterday and Sam tried to help...need anything from this cabinet?

Making cookies is hard work, let's sleep under the tree.

I decided that I wanted to give Mari a Christmas ornament every year...I wasn't sure whether to start this year or not, since we were not going to be together. But since she is already a part of me, it doesn't matter that we are half a world away from each other. So I began my quest for the perfect ornament. I found two...thanks to Hallmark Keepsake ornaments.

The first is a little tree called "Forever Family." It says "2007 - Connected with a bond of belonging - Forever Family." How perfect!

The other is a little African girl from the Joy to the World Collection. It is so cute.

So, my Christmas shopping is done. Still have a few things coming in the mail but it is all done. Here are a couple more Amari presents from Amharic Kids. Little bean bags with the colors and numbers on them!

Last, I'll leave you with a picture of the adorable tote bag Juli (my cousin and BFF) sent me today. It is very sweet with my favorite color combo of chocolate and pink...and the embroidery is too cute!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baby Presents and Christmas Time!

Well, I promised some happier posts and some pictures. So here are some pictures of my baby shower last weekend and some of the wonderful presents Amari received. And then there are some pictures of Christmas in the making.

This is the beautiful cake that Amy's husband, Dennis, made for my shower. It was very yummy and VERY sugary!!

Leisa's daughter Chrissy was super well-behaved at a table full of grown-up chatterboxes!!!
This cute little monkey from Becky is "Tickle Toes." It giggles hysterically when you squeeze its foot...which leads to some hysterical giggling from the peanut gallery!

A giraffe "lovey" from Pam that will probably make it into the diaper bag for Ethiopia. Sweet and small enough to travel.

Cute, cute outfit (from Tamara) that I can't wait for Amari to wear. It will probably be for next winter but it is so cute, I wish she could wear it now.

Another cute outfit (from Julie F.), my favorite chocolate color!! Amari will need to grow into this one so nice having stuff for the coming growth spurts.

Alright, on to the Christmas pictures. While going through my box of decorations, I found the doggie reindeer antlers that Ollie got for Christmas last year. He was VERY tolerant of me putting them on him and taking pictures. He just sat there looking all defeated (but cute!).

A little dusting of snow that helped with the holiday spirit. Here is Ollie's perfect pawprint.

My Christmas tree...decorated only the top 2/3 of it because someone likes to eat the ornaments. I remember when I was a kid, Mom used to finish our tree with a can of aerosol snow. I had a sense of ironic deja vu last night as I sprayed the bottom of the tree with bitter apple spray to keep the animals from eating the branches!!

Mom bought me these Boyd's Carolers one year for Christmas...I collected the Boyd's Dolls and she thought these two would be a great addition to the collection. Interesting that one is a red-head and the other is black with pigtails....hmmm. A little foreshadowing maybe? Also interesting that the little black caroler is taller than the white one...I'm only 5 foot 2, I'm sure my daughter will be taller than me by the time she's in 1st grade!!
Happy holidays!! Several families traveling now and next maybe more Amari updates to come. Court is on Tuesday again. I am hopeful but not getting overexcited yet...I think, now that I know Amari will not be home for Christmas, there is a little less pressure to hurry up the process. I still am in a hurry to get her home but I know she is healthy and being well-cared for, so I okay with the little extra wait (I say that now...who knows what I'll say if court falls through again--I may go certifiably bonkers!).

Friday, December 7, 2007

I am humbled.

One of the greatest benefits that CHI has done for its adopting families is to set up yahoo chat groups so we can all ask questions, give suggestions, plead for well-wishes, and support each other. We have all become a family and even though we share a lot with each other and try to keep up with what all is going on in every adoption, I somehow missed the awesomeness of this family's adoption experience. I don't know if I lost track because I'm consumed in my own little adoption world or because I didn't pay attention...I think they just did not share some important details with us because, to them, the struggle they are facing is NOT what this adoption is all about. It is about saving and loving a beautiful little girl named Tinsae. So check out the McConomy's blog, pray very hard for this little girl's fight (literally, a fight to survive), and then think really hard about your own problems. I am humbled, I am awestruck.

Michelle and Bill, Thank you for what you have done and are continuing to do.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Well, by the lack of pictures here, you can guess that court did not go as I would have hoped. Once again the final paperwork from MOWA did not make it to court in time. Apparently the missing papers from the orphanage made it to MOWA but then no further. So we are set for next Tuesday, December 11th. Let's hope that things will fall into place by then.

So yesterday and today have NOT been good days. The first court delay was disappointing but I was not surprised by it. I was really hopeful for this one...I was more angry than anything. Then, thanks to some very unnecessary "office politics" at work last night, I was in tears most of the night. Very hard to work 12 hours, focusing on other's needs when you haven't had a chance to work out your own. Thankfully it was snowing when I got off this morning (I love snow!) and I was able to take a hot bath and go to bed to wallow in self-pity.

So after a day of sadness and a long phone call from Sharon (CHI's Ethiopia director), I'm in a better frame of mind. I have dealt with the blow and moved on. I'm not going to deal with the work issues...they were not my problem, just aimed at me so I'm putting them behind me and moving on. But I can't wait for maternity leave!!!

So now I'm going to focus on the good things to come out of this (instead of the negatives--the fact that Amari will not be home for Christmas, that she will probably outgrow all the clothes I have for her, that she will be driving by the time she comes home--hahaha!).

  1. I will be home with my family for Christmas!
  2. I can decorate for Christmas since I will be able to take it down before I leave so the cats don't tear the tree apart while I'm gone.
  3. There are more flights available, not necessarily cheaper but more to choose from.
  4. There is a good chance I will be in Ethiopia for THEIR Christmas, which will be an unbelieveable experience.
  5. The longer I work, the more maternity leave I will have.
  6. The further away travel plans are, the further away my maternity leave is, making my need for daycare further away. Maybe we can get through cold/flu and bad weather season before placing Amari in daycare.

I'm sure there are more positives...those are the big ones and the ones I'm focusing on. I'm going to start decorating tonight. I will probably leave the tree for the weekend but I can put out the stockings and other decorations. I will also finish Christmas shopping soon and I am planning on doing some baby shopping this weekend for the few necessities I still need.

I'll keep everyone posted with anything new and I promise I will post pix and details of my baby shower from last Sunday; it was wonderful, I've just been distracted the last few days. I'll also post Christmas decoration pix...cheery posts to make up for these sad ones.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Court tomorrow!

Court date #2 is tomorrow (which is actually now because it is a little after midnight in Ethiopia as I write this). So begging for lots of prayers and good thoughts. Hopefully the missing paperwork has made its way where it needs to be.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Post #100 - Random Thoughts of Nothing

So this is post #100!!! I was trying to think of a good way to commemorate this auspicious occasion. I was going to do a list of 100 things (but couldn't think of a good category for 100 things nor did I think anyone really wanted to read that many). Then I thought that maybe I would just wait until my court date (TUESDAY) to post but it may take several days to hear anything and the blog-stalkers (Annie!) get worried if you go too long without blogging (which I totally understand because I stalk the blogs too...hey Annie, get busy!!). Just a joke!

Anyway (I'm already blabbering) I thought I'd just post about a little of everything.

Adoption Update:

Several people made it through court today...the Kikstras and the Fricks. The Fricks got their referral the same day I did! So there is hope that the courts do actually finish what they've started. Very hopeful for Tuesday but also realistic...just waiting.

So if court goes okay on Tuesday, I'm still not sure when we may travel but it looks like we could be in Ethiopia over Christmas. I've already talked to the travel agent and "booked" tickets (subject to change). The dates are limited and the fares are HORRIBLE but she put us on some waiting lists for better dates and fares. Augh!

Also got my meningitis shot today. They only recommended it if you are traveling during December and January so I had skipped it before. I really don't think I need it but, in my line of work, it is definitely a good thing to have on board.

Amari Update:

So the Mumblerrrs just got home from Ethiopia last weekend with their two cutie-pies. And they mentioned Amari in their blog!!!! So I got a little update through them and asked lots of questions that they tried to answer as best they could. Pictures to follow!!!!! So hurry up court! Apparently my child is a smiley little thing...let's hope she doesn't use them all up before I get there!

Baby shower coming up on Sunday--given by my wonderful co-workers. Can't wait--I'll post about that Sunday night. I'm getting close to being ready to be a mom! How crazy does that sound? Did a little packing last week just to see how much room I have, going to be a tight fit but I thought I was going to be way over on the luggage limits, so I think I'll be okay. Problem is, with plane tickets scarce, I may be in Ethiopia a couple days longer than planned.

Pet Update:

Still unable to wean Sammy Cat off the prednisone without him having an asthma attack. And now the prednisone side effects are kicking in...weight gain (he's already 20 pounds...he doesn't need to add any more) and acne (yes, cats get acne!!). So now we are trying an inhaler with a mask!

Christmas Update:

Not really sure what to do about decorating for Christmas. I can't leave a tree up while I'm gone for a week--the cats would go nuts!! But I don't want to put it up and then take it down before Christmas and I also don't want to go the whole season without my beloved tree. So I'll probably compromise, Mom has a little table-top tree that I may borrow. I am close to being finished with Christmas shopping...I love giving presents but I'll admit, this year I was less than imaginative. I wanted to get that taken care of because I have other things to concentrate on. I wrapped some presents tonight while watching Polar Express (love that movie!). I always watch Disney's Christmas Carol while decorating the tree! Brings back great memories.

I'm a little sad about being in Ethiopia for Christmas...I hate being away during the holidays. But the good thing is that Ethiopia does not celebrate Christmas until January 7th. Which means, if we are there during Christmas, they will not be celebrating yet. I think this will be easier because it will just be a regular Tuesday. It would be harder to watch the holidays go on around and not being at home. But then I feel guilty for feeling that way because I can't wait to meet Amari. Oh, the emotions!

Speaking of emotions...found a new tear-jerking moment tonight. I was wrapping a Christmas gift for Amari and on the gift tag I wrote To: Amari, From: Mommy. Whoa!!!! That felt so strange, sent shivers up my spine.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Optimistic but realistic? Disappointed.

So my motto going into my court date was "optimistic, but realistic." I was hopeful that court would go well but I knew, in light of recent events, that there was a good chance that court could be delayed. And it was. I found out Friday afternoon that my second court date will be Tuesday December 4th. Most of court went well, there were just some papers that were missing from the orphanage where my daughter was before coming to the House of Hope. Apparently the orphanage is in the middle of their yearly inspection and not all the documents quite made it where they needed to be, whether the orphanage did not get them to MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) or MOWA did not get them to the court. So hopefully, in the next ten days, they will make their journey complete.

Travel dates? Who knows? The "usually 3 weeks" after court puts me at Christmas week but I don't know how that will work with the holidays. And of course the week after that is New Year's. I'd hate to have to wait until the second week of January but I'll do whatever I need to, I guess. Best to just wait until after court and see.

So I'll keep everyone posted.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

We Got Hosed (dedicated to my brother Chad)

My brother coined the phrase "we got hosed" this past winter while we were visiting our cousins. After playing with all the different toys possessed by almost-3-year-old Brendan, Chad decided that we must have had a deprived childhood. All we had to play with were matchbox cars and legos. So this post is dedicated to honor of all the new exciting toys they never had when we were kids. (But at least our imaginations were well developed!)

The Fisher Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo (from Todd and Diana). This train plays tunes, self-propels at the touch of a button, lights up, makes different animal noises, the animals can be moved around...and you can buy additions to the train!!!

The Fisher Price Sit-to-Stand Giraffe (from Joey, Angela, and Will). This one can be played with sitting or assiting to stand. Put the balls in the giraffe's mouth, it lights up and plays music, the balls swirl down the slide, disappear and then pop out one of the 4 legs...but you never know which one!

Waiting, waiting, waiting....on the green ball

Where did that come from?

On to other things. Court is still scheduled for keep praying hard (and remember--Friday in Ethiopia starts Thursday here!). It looks like I probably won't hear anything until next week (communication is sketchy and the holidays, etc.) but I promise I will post as soon as I hear something, either way. But think positively. From what I have been reading (blog forensics!), it sounds like lots of agencies are having trouble getting through court. It seems as though MOWA (Ministry of Women's Affairs) is having some trouble keeping up with all the them the benefit of the doubt here, the Ethiopia adoption program has exploded and along with several new changes, they are probably very overwhelmed. Let's just hope for the best!

What else to say...the weather is very pleasant here (72 degrees right now) and sunny. Have all the blinds open so I can get some much needed "sun therapy." Very helpful to the mood!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I LOVE turkey!! And I'll get to play with Madi--haven't been exposed to anything at work lately so I can actually touch her!!

Did you know ToysRUS delivers straight to your house off your registry (no, this is NOT a hint)? What a pleasant surprise!! The UPS man is becoming my friend. Not to mention that I did most of my Christmas shopping online this week, so I'll be seeing more of him!

Still rambling....things I have gotten done this week (because everyone loves to hear about this!!). Cleaned out my closet and under my bed (ewww!), lowered the crib one level since Amari may be sitting up by the time we get home, worked on the nursery which now looks cozy and slightly cluttered, shopped for presents for Ethiopia (UVA hats for the guys, earrings/necklaces for girls, tulle bags to fill with chocolates...hope that will work because I'm at a loss for what to get), bought new skirt for the Embassy and visiting the orphanage (corduroy that I can wear with a nice cotton shirt or blouse), copied, reorganized paperwork to take with me!!! That's about it!!

Well, that should bring everyone up to speed. Hopefully I'll post soon with good news!

Sunday, November 18, 2007


So yesterday was my baby shower, given to me by my wonderful family. Thank you all very much. It was quite overwhleming but very, very nice! It was a giraffe theme and I got lots of giraffe presents...hope, hope, hope that Amari doesn't have a weird aversion to giraffes because they are going to be everywhere she looks!! Got to see several friends that I hadn't seen for a very long time which was pretty cool. My cousins Christy and Juli came in for the weekend (with 6 month-old Callie) and we had a great time. Baby Callie is a spitter (Stacie--I now understand what you are going through with Micah!) and I learned that NO, you can never have enough bibs and burp clothes!!

So on to the details...I had a wonderful little helper, Kaili, who assisted me in opening my gifts and "test-driving" several of them. Leave it to a 2.5 year to figure out how the toys work before I could! We had a blast opening gifts and it was so much better than everyone just staring at me (augh!).

So on to the show:

Here is a beautiful picture of Amari...I realized after taking a picture of the picture that I couldn't post it yet (duh!). But Kaili solved the problem by putting a gift tag over Amari's face!
Yes we even ate giraffe!Pictures of my cutie-pie assistant!Here are some pictures of some of the gifts...sorry I'm not showing them all. People probably don't need to six pix of onesies and bottles and socks and books and outlet covers and crib sheets and etc, etc, etc. So here are some of the more interesting ones picture-wise.

Jerry the Giraffe stacking toy (kind of a creepy name for a toy!). (Chad and Lesa)
Toy bins (Mom and Dad).

Giraffe Backpack--adorable!!! (Deborah, Randy, Kaili)

Umbrella Stroller that took me 15 minutes to figure out! (the KY crowd!)

Booster chair for taking places. (Todd and Diana)Really neat hot-air balloon--to be put up in the window. (also Todd and Diana)Other great stuff not pictured...boppy pillow, FisherPrice Amazing Animals Zoo Train (really, really, really neat toy!), Moses basket, lots and lots of essentials from clothes and linens, to sippy cups and spoons and bottles, toys (including a vibrating frog teether!), books and more books, stuffed animals, wipes!!, car/stroller accessories, a jar of pickles and ice cream money for late-pregnancy cravings!! (thanks Uncle Bill and Aunt Phyllis). Wow, I can't even begin to list all the stuff! Crazy!

After the shower we hung out at my house, letting Baby Callie and Baby Madison play together. It was quite interesting to watch these two "examine" each other. They keep rolling over into each other and I think some infant fingers might have found their way into the other's mouth/nose!

Baby Callie went home to KY this morning, so Madi is back to playing alone. But not for long!!

Bye-bye Callie!