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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Baby Presents and Christmas Time!

Well, I promised some happier posts and some pictures. So here are some pictures of my baby shower last weekend and some of the wonderful presents Amari received. And then there are some pictures of Christmas in the making.

This is the beautiful cake that Amy's husband, Dennis, made for my shower. It was very yummy and VERY sugary!!

Leisa's daughter Chrissy was super well-behaved at a table full of grown-up chatterboxes!!!
This cute little monkey from Becky is "Tickle Toes." It giggles hysterically when you squeeze its foot...which leads to some hysterical giggling from the peanut gallery!

A giraffe "lovey" from Pam that will probably make it into the diaper bag for Ethiopia. Sweet and small enough to travel.

Cute, cute outfit (from Tamara) that I can't wait for Amari to wear. It will probably be for next winter but it is so cute, I wish she could wear it now.

Another cute outfit (from Julie F.), my favorite chocolate color!! Amari will need to grow into this one so nice having stuff for the coming growth spurts.

Alright, on to the Christmas pictures. While going through my box of decorations, I found the doggie reindeer antlers that Ollie got for Christmas last year. He was VERY tolerant of me putting them on him and taking pictures. He just sat there looking all defeated (but cute!).

A little dusting of snow that helped with the holiday spirit. Here is Ollie's perfect pawprint.

My Christmas tree...decorated only the top 2/3 of it because someone likes to eat the ornaments. I remember when I was a kid, Mom used to finish our tree with a can of aerosol snow. I had a sense of ironic deja vu last night as I sprayed the bottom of the tree with bitter apple spray to keep the animals from eating the branches!!

Mom bought me these Boyd's Carolers one year for Christmas...I collected the Boyd's Dolls and she thought these two would be a great addition to the collection. Interesting that one is a red-head and the other is black with pigtails....hmmm. A little foreshadowing maybe? Also interesting that the little black caroler is taller than the white one...I'm only 5 foot 2, I'm sure my daughter will be taller than me by the time she's in 1st grade!!
Happy holidays!! Several families traveling now and next maybe more Amari updates to come. Court is on Tuesday again. I am hopeful but not getting overexcited yet...I think, now that I know Amari will not be home for Christmas, there is a little less pressure to hurry up the process. I still am in a hurry to get her home but I know she is healthy and being well-cared for, so I okay with the little extra wait (I say that now...who knows what I'll say if court falls through again--I may go certifiably bonkers!).


LISA said...

Nice shower, Jill! Love the cake!Lots of cute things for your daughter. Looking forward to you getting updates on Amari.

Paul and Deedra said...

That is the best shower cake I have ever seen! How adorable! I'm so glad that you are getting to rejoice in some things even though the court dates keep getting pushed back! I pray that everything goes smoothly on Tuesday!

Annie said...

How great! I love this post with all the happiness of the shower, the beautiful cake, all of Amari's wonderful outfits and then the beautiful tree! I love the perfect is that :) Thinking of you and praying for good news on Tuesday :)

Annie said...

Hi, it's me response to your questions, I have 120 days that I can use but am only guaranteed my position at my school for 12 weeks. So if I take more time (15, 18 or so on weeks) then I may be put in a worse school, a higher grade, a much further school, etc.If my principal stays the same I am sure she will let me take the 18 weeks I want to and secure my place. However, they move principals we'll see how it all goes. If only I could travel at the beginning of summer so I had the full 10 weeks with my daughter in addition to maternity leave.

As far as my mom, we'll start out full-time but I don't know if it will be too much for it could be 3 days with my parents and 2 days elsewhere. It's wonderful to have family to help in this journey. Glad your parents will be there to step in, too.

Stacie said...

Cute stuff! That cake is awesome! I'll have to show Kevin - he majored in pastry arts in culinary school and won a medal in wedding cakes. He'll be impressed!!