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Monday, December 3, 2007

Court tomorrow!

Court date #2 is tomorrow (which is actually now because it is a little after midnight in Ethiopia as I write this). So begging for lots of prayers and good thoughts. Hopefully the missing paperwork has made its way where it needs to be.


Stephanie said...

Lots of prayers and thoughts from us! Can't wait for Amari to officially be yours!

Matt and Stephanie

Karen said...

Hoping for good news! (And a picture of Amari!? :-)

Annie said...

I am storming God's ears with lots of prayers. Can't wait to hear the wonderful news that you are officially Amari's Mommy :)

lizzard said...

jill~i am annie's "big sis" & just want you know that we are all storming the gates of Heaven for you & your precious new baby, Amari. i will be thinking & praying for you tonight & all day tomorrow!!! God bless you both!!

Mrs.CaptainMamushMama said...

Mamush was extra fussy this morning waiting for news about his future girlfriend!

Impatiently waiting in support and sending all kinds of peace and love your way!

Stacie said...

Hey Mamush! Not so fast! Micah has been asking about Amari all morning! Ma? Ma? (Short for Amari - not mom!)

I pray we hear good news soon!!!

LISA said...

Jill waiting for the good news!