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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Long post but lots of pix!

Update time. First of all, my camera broke (the screen shattered) and since it is out of warranty by a couple months, I'm doing Kodak's service upgrade...send in the camera and they give you 15% off your next one. So the good news is I'll be upgrading from 6.1 mp to 8.2 mp for the same price as fixing my camera. The bad news is that I'm currently back to using my old 2.1 mp camera. So some of these pix may be a little fuzzy if you blow them up but some were taken with my old camera and some are from my family. The worst news is that my old camera only takes 30 sec video clips with no probably no new videos for a few weeks (sorry Spud and Brendan!).

On to the good stuff. Fall is in full swing, I love this time of year. It is so pretty. I've been trying to take lots of outside pix but do to the aforementioned problem, I won't get as many as I want. The mountains are beautiful right now. It finally got cold. The start of last week was in the upper 80s and today it was well below freezing upon getting up. (Funny, I was looking back through old posts for some info and I said nearly the same thing this time last year about the weather).

Mari had her 18 month checkup on Friday (she will be 19 months this Friday). The big news...SHE GREW 2 INCHES IN 5 WEEKS!!!! That makes a total of 5 inches since we came home in January. She did not gain any weight which is why I can now see her neck! Her growth spurt launched her from about the 10-15 percentile to 35-40 percentile! And her weight is dead on at 50%. Yea!!! Her pants are kind of starting to fit in length. Her capris are looking like capris instead of full-length jeans!

Mari's new favorite activity is coloring. We can color for long periods of time (in toddler time-frames that is 30+ minutes). She does pretty good about changing colors and focusing on one area instead of just randomly scribbling. We even bought crayons desigend for the tub...MAJOR hit.

I can't even begin to tell you how many words she knows...a crazy amount. She is learning to put things away and that is a lot of fun to watch. The potty-training is going good...she still won't tell me when she needs to go but she will usually go if I remember to take her. If not, she wets her diaper...that is during the day. At night, totally different story.

Nights have been rough lately. My pediatrician says that all kids have sleeping glitches about this age because of some big developmental breakthrough. Two weeks of waking up at 4am. Last night she was awake from 9:30pm to almost 11pm. The problem is (one of them anyway) is that she will not wet her diaper at night. She wakes up crying--which is very unlike her--and is dry. I take her to the potty, she pees and then she is supposed to go back to sleep. Not been working out too good on that last part. The problem last night was needing to potty and after I figured that out (an hour later) she peed and went right to sleep. So we need to work on communication...she can say about anything else. Anyone know a good sign for potty? She picks up on sign language really fast.

Major food breakthroughs today. At lunch, Mari left food on her plate and said she was "all done." She has never not finished eating, ever. At supper, she handed me her plate and cup and said "all done." Usually taking the empty bowl or plate away causes hysterics...I have to distract her by getting her out of her booster seat or a cookie or sticking her cup of milk in her hands. She absolutely squealed with delight when I told her I was proud of her. I think she was just tickled to be imitating Mommy because I had just taken my plate to the sink and said "all done." Anyone who has dealt with post-adoptive food issues knows what a major breakthrough this is. Only took 9+ months (the doc at the International Adoption Clinic in September told me it could continue for another year, maybe we will be ahead!).

Well, on to some pix.

Granddad with Madi and Mari...not the most flattering pic but still cute.

SIL Lesa holding our niece Abigail.

Mom and Mari reading...not sure who is reading to who (whom?).

Braids! 6 of them to be exact. They are lasting about 2-3 days at a time and she is being super cooperative. She even fell asleep one night while I was braiding. Takes me about 30 minutes. Makes haircare SO much easier.

Ready for the cold weather, let's go.

This pic was taken by my brother Todd. Pretty good!

Cousins and BFFs. (Juli, kind of reminds me of the two of us).

Me and my girl.
Uncle Chad and Cousin Madi helping finish Mari's picture. Thanks for the "special" drawings you added Chad!
My brothers and my niece Abigail.
Us three kids and our girls. Trying on our Halloween costume.

Our trip to the Pumpkin Fest. Overall, a total bust but Mari did get to BAA at some sheep, she didn't really appreciate when they BAA'ed back at her!

I'm trying to get ready like Mommy does. I'm even using her tote bag. (Yes, that is one of my cats in the background eating on my vanity counter. You try to find a place where the dog can't get's better than the kitchen counter!)
Bathtub crayons. Any bets on how long before she uses real crayons on the tub?
My mom carving pumpkins. We all carved pumpkins at my house Saturday night. A new treat for my mom.
Some of our pumpkins. Mine is the cat, second from the left).
More to come soon, I'm sure. I've been meaning to take pix of all Mari's art projects from school (MamushART Gallery style!) but I'll wait now until I have my new camera.

If you live around me and are interested in getting together for a playgroup. Check out the post below. Some of you will be getting info in the mail this week about it but if you are interested, let me know. I could only send out to those I had addresses for but I welcome anyone.

Friday, October 17, 2008

My new project

Here is my new project. Some of you will be getting info in the mail next week about this with more specifics. If you want to participate, drop me an email or leave me a comment here or on the new blog.

Playgroup with a Purpose - Shenandoah Valley Chapter

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Spud, this one's for you!

Hello everyone! We are still alive! Mari and I had a fantastic weekend last weekend and a pretty good week. This weekend is a different story...I picked her up from daycare on Friday and she had turned into an absolute monster. Argh! It has been non-stop misbehaving and tantrums, especially today. Finally the last couple hours tonight she seemed back to her old self (was it the motrin, the teething tabs, the orajel, the gas drops, the allergy meds, or the yummy fish sticks...who knows, who cares?). Yes, she has been gassy, teething, not sleeping well, clingy, etc. etc. etc.

Worst of all, she has decided that it is okay to hit mommy. WRONG! Telling her "no" produces a laugh. Redirecting her just gives her a chance to run around and go right back to whatever it was she was doing. Praising her for listening or putting something back just lends itself to her being more ornery so she can get the praise when she does listen. So I've instituted "sit down time." If she gets in trouble she has to sit down, no toys, no music, no mommy. At first she thought that was funny until I wouldn't let her get up...I only make her stay until she actually seems upset about it. If she starts crying or throwing a tantrum then she stays until she gets herself together. It was somewhat working but the consistency was difficult, so now we have moved onto a "naughty spot." This is an old (but still nice) kitchen rug that I put in the corner of the living room and that is where we spend "sit down time." It is much more effective, she is already responding to the phrase "do you need to go to the naughty spot?" We'll see.

Here is some pix/video. Mari is growing up very fast. She has started eating at the table with me (instead of the highchair or the booster/tray). She is doing very well with it, has even really started trying with silverware. She talks nonstop...favorite words are Abigail, Elmo, eyeballs (we have googly eyes on her mirror for Halloween), Happy (she has a "Happy Bear" in the car). She has started to read along with me at bedtime. She knows lots of body parts...fingers, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, belly, hiney, feet, toes, arm. I think she is finally growing a little taller (check-up on Friday, we'll get the "official" measurement) and I actually can see her neck now!

Best thing of all...she knows that I'm Mama! (Not just repeating it when I tell her or screaming it when she's mad). She will come running to me at daycare with her arms stretched out yelling "Mama!" Ahhhh.....

Sunday, October 5, 2008


My Dear Mari,

One year ago today, I looked into the eyes of an angel. I didn't know what the coming days, weeks, months, years would bring but I knew in an instant that I was totally in love with a beautiful little girl. Your face was so solemn waiting on your joy to come; your fingers curled waiting on a warm hand to take it and hold on forever. I'll never forget looking at your picture that first time, I was so overjoyed I could hardly breathe. I was about to change your world and your life forever but you will never understand how you have changed mine. I love you from the bottom of my heart and I will always be a better person because you came into my life.

Love forever,

Thursday, October 2, 2008

9 out of 18 months = Half of a Lifetime

January 2, 2008

October 2, 2008

Today marks 9 months since Mari and I became a family forever. Unbelievable. Crazy unbelievable.