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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 18, 2007


So yesterday was my baby shower, given to me by my wonderful family. Thank you all very much. It was quite overwhleming but very, very nice! It was a giraffe theme and I got lots of giraffe presents...hope, hope, hope that Amari doesn't have a weird aversion to giraffes because they are going to be everywhere she looks!! Got to see several friends that I hadn't seen for a very long time which was pretty cool. My cousins Christy and Juli came in for the weekend (with 6 month-old Callie) and we had a great time. Baby Callie is a spitter (Stacie--I now understand what you are going through with Micah!) and I learned that NO, you can never have enough bibs and burp clothes!!

So on to the details...I had a wonderful little helper, Kaili, who assisted me in opening my gifts and "test-driving" several of them. Leave it to a 2.5 year to figure out how the toys work before I could! We had a blast opening gifts and it was so much better than everyone just staring at me (augh!).

So on to the show:

Here is a beautiful picture of Amari...I realized after taking a picture of the picture that I couldn't post it yet (duh!). But Kaili solved the problem by putting a gift tag over Amari's face!
Yes we even ate giraffe!Pictures of my cutie-pie assistant!Here are some pictures of some of the gifts...sorry I'm not showing them all. People probably don't need to six pix of onesies and bottles and socks and books and outlet covers and crib sheets and etc, etc, etc. So here are some of the more interesting ones picture-wise.

Jerry the Giraffe stacking toy (kind of a creepy name for a toy!). (Chad and Lesa)
Toy bins (Mom and Dad).

Giraffe Backpack--adorable!!! (Deborah, Randy, Kaili)

Umbrella Stroller that took me 15 minutes to figure out! (the KY crowd!)

Booster chair for taking places. (Todd and Diana)Really neat hot-air balloon--to be put up in the window. (also Todd and Diana)Other great stuff not pictured...boppy pillow, FisherPrice Amazing Animals Zoo Train (really, really, really neat toy!), Moses basket, lots and lots of essentials from clothes and linens, to sippy cups and spoons and bottles, toys (including a vibrating frog teether!), books and more books, stuffed animals, wipes!!, car/stroller accessories, a jar of pickles and ice cream money for late-pregnancy cravings!! (thanks Uncle Bill and Aunt Phyllis). Wow, I can't even begin to list all the stuff! Crazy!

After the shower we hung out at my house, letting Baby Callie and Baby Madison play together. It was quite interesting to watch these two "examine" each other. They keep rolling over into each other and I think some infant fingers might have found their way into the other's mouth/nose!

Baby Callie went home to KY this morning, so Madi is back to playing alone. But not for long!!

Bye-bye Callie!


Annie said...

How wonderful! Glad you had a great time and received so many fun gifts for Amari. I love the hot air balloon. Sounds like a wonderful family time after the shower...nothing beats that! I'm saying lots of prayers for Friday :)

LISA said...

Jill, nice shower!! I love the theme! Cool stuff also!!

Mrs.CaptainMamushMama said...

cute! looks like a great time! I remember thinkin' at my showers - "what in the world am I gonna do with all these bibs, burp cloths and wash cloths?" well, now I know that ya can never have too many!

Where does the hot air balloon come from? sooo cute!

have fun unpacking and organizing all the goodies!

Stacie said...

Very cute. Love the giraffe theme. We are keeping you in our thoughts for Fri. Praying everything goes just like planned.

LISA said...

One more thing....COME ON NOVEMBER 23RD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacie said...

Oh that looks like it was FUN! I'm so happy for you! I can't wait until you're off to Ethiopia to meet Amari! Let the countdown til court begin!
Stacie D.
(I have to add that now so you don't get confused between the Stacies :)

Stacie said...

PS - Sometimes when I see the other Stacie's comment, I quickly think - "Did I already comment?" DUH.
Stacie D.

kikstra said...

Jill- Just 'found' your blog & am excited that we might be in Ethiopia at the same time! Our court date for 7 month old Benjamin is the 20th- tomorrow! What airline are you flying on- that's what we're trying to tenatively decide at the moment- my mind is racing, so hence the late night blogging. . . .