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Friday, September 14, 2007

Happier Post!

So I promised that my next post would not be as dreary as my last. Luckily, it didn't take long to have a better day! No news on the adoption front and work has gotten unbelieveably unbearable (not the work itself, but the "politics") lately but whatev!

So, I went to the dentist yesterday. AUGH! I need a crown and need to have one wisdom tooth pulled...this would all sound scary but I really thought he was going to come up with at least 10 things that needed done. So it was actually a happy visit!

Then I went to put my name on the waiting list at my niece's daycare. It is about 15 minutes out of my way for work but I think it will be worth it. The waiting list at work is horribly long (like my daughter will be old to work there before she will get a space!) and I have been there twice to visit and both times I was treated rudely. So that one's out. My niece's daycare is on my mom's way home from work and also since Madi is there...there will be options for the days when I work past the center's closing time (because not even the hospital's daycare center takes shiftworkers into account). So anyway...I went there yesterday and they were super friendly and very eager to show me around and give me all the details. It seems like there will be no problem to get her in by the time I go back to work. And when I mentioned I was adopting they were very nonchalant; this may sound bad but, just the opposite--everyone usually makes a big deal out of it which my daughter does not need. They have several children at the center who are adopted and they were very eager to know my daughter will be from a different country than the others. They said they had a Chinese New Year's Parade and Chinese food this year for one of the kids and that when my daughter gets into the preschool classes, they will incorporate some culture lessons into the group lessons (yea!!!!). They also have a new toddler that came to them last week they are giving her some one on one time to helping with language skills--wonderful that they recognize the need for some developmental adjustments. I was very excited to hear all this (and the fact that they offered this info to me without my asking shows that they really understand some of the "adoption" issues that are different than their other kids). So I feel very relieved to have that facet of motherhood settled!

Today I received 2 boxes in the mail from the Welcome Addition Club. One had two canisters of Similac and one had two canisters of Enfamil. So I now have enough formula for over 250 ounces! Not sure what I'll end up using but it is nice to get free ones to experiment with. Also lots of great coupons.

Today, Dad and I went and picked up my new couch. One of the local furniture stores was having a great sale and it was actually half price. I didn't NEED a new couch but mine, while comfortable for sitting, was less than adequate for napping. And I figure I'll probably be needing more couch naps and less in-the-bed snoozes in the coming year. The new couch is long enough I can lay down stretched out without scrunching my legs up and it is deep enough that I'll be able to snooze on it with a baby in my arms. They also "scotch-guarded" it with a life-time guarantee against stains, spills, etc.

So, all-in-all a better few days! Going to get off now and do some shopping at Old Navy--they are having a great baby sale and have lots of onesies and bodysuits for INCREDIBLE prices. Not to mention that they have more than just pink and blue. I love their chocolate and pink line of clothing. Too bad I don't know sizes yet...just going to shop a little big and will fill in with smaller later if I need to.