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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


So this week has been kind of a bummer, emotionally speaking. Referrals are coming in for my agency which I should be really happy about--and I am (congratulations to those whose are getting matched up). But it is still hard to watch referrals being given out to others... My paperwork has been "in-country" for almost 7 weeks and still no news. The referrals coming in now are for kids that are already in the House of Hope and I knew that there were no babies in the House right now. Thus, I knew that my referral would take longer than those asking for older children. Still, it has been hard this week. I am excited that progress is being made but I still feel sad and slightly jealous (okay, REALLY jealous!). But that is what this roller-coaster is all about.

Thanks Jenni for all your words of encouragement and your emails, they have meant a lot. The BTDT crowd is so wonderful to have and hopefully I'll be joining that group soon.

Not much else to report. Working hard and trying to muddle through. I promise my next post will be happier!